Anonymous asked:
181, 80 kg, brown hair, green eyes, hairy chest, very intelligent, great manners, considerate, somewhat reserved in the beggining but then very affectionate, opinionated, great dancer, love to hold hands


inmysweetestdreams asked:
i'm not gonna hide behind anon for this. and do i really need to give a description? i mean, it's me.

Let’s get married, so I can date you.

Anonymous asked:
I'm an otter stuck inside a twink body but i have quite hairy legs. I'm shy at first but that would go away after i got more comfortable around you.

I feel like I would break you. Pass. Sorry.

Anonymous asked:
6ft, slim, green eyes, beard, hairy chest, bubble butt. I've been told I'm nice, generous and trustworthy. And that I give a good blowjob

Trustworthy is good. date.

Anonymous asked:
Six foot five, 230 lbs, somewhat hairy, high cheekbones, dark hair, hazel eyes, glasses


Anonymous asked:
Description of self for date: Current Californian, in law school, trying to be a public defender. I'm 24, 5'8" 155 lbs, dark hair and hazel eyes. I'm into video games, volleyball, cuddling, movies, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the time. Love lots of beach times, so we can totally have a date on the beach if you want :)





how am i supposed to study when there are cute boys??

My god Joe…
Kangarudy says hello!!

Been a long time since a dream about someone woke me up in tears…



Anonymous asked:
Blow a guy in one what?

Nothing young child, nothing.