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24. California is home. Denver adventures at the moment. Left my heart in Australia. Compilation of nature, travels, men, tattoos, and my side thoughts.

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Doctors gave me morphling. Weeeeee.

Morphling? Fuck I was high, thinking I was on some hunger games narcotic…

Doctors gave me morphling. Weeeeee.

I would end up in the ER on my first business trip. So embarrassing to have my boss take me there.

Anonymous asked: I liked you on tinder in md/DC. Find me.


I left Baltimore. That’s a no go.

I got a B in my Human Sexuality class… I wonder if that’s why I’m gay…



more celebrities should donate blood like could you imagine having the blood of meryl streep running through your veins

Then I would have even more of a reason to say Meryl is giving me life.

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Do people on the east coast not believe in window shades? Both houses I’ve stayed in haven’t had any in the bedrooms


putting this on repeat til Halloween

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Anonymous asked: Saw you on tinder and couldn't believe it was you! Tumblr fame in the ATL. Welcome to Georgia, cutie! 😍


Haha! Stop! Come off anon!

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