Adventure Awaits

24. California is home. Denver adventures at the moment. Left my heart in Australia. Compilation of nature, travels, men, tattoos, and my side thoughts.

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I still have yet to figure out what to wear to the audition on Thursday… I need fashion advice haha.

Anonymous asked: What's your Twitter? What's your instagram? What's your Facebook?


Twitter and Insta : Kangarudyy

Colby Keller favorited one of my tweets and it was the best thing to wake up to.

Anonymous asked: 1 do u like anyone right now 2 are you happy with your life as of right now, if not, specify what would/could make U happy with it 3 where are you going from here/ this moment in your life


1. Yes I do 2. Yes I am. 3. Forward

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

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I just took a Vicodin for my back and I find out my cousin is a transgender man. It’s only shock cause I didn’t know but seriously. Whoa.


I just ate a celery, I can’t wait to lose 5 pounds by tomorrow

Rooftop bars tonight. Le stoked.

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